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New for 2017: National Office Election Procedures. The Legislative Council voted in favor of changes to our procedures for electing national officers.

  1. All candidates will have 10 minutes of Q&A following their speeches
  2. All candidates must send out resumes at least 15 days before Convention (Feb 23rd)
  3. You must send out your intention to run and supporting materials by Feb 23rd or you will not be able to run for office. There will be no floor nominations.

As a reminder, Robert's Rules still allows for rolling nominations, which means that someone who runs for an office and does not get it is still eligible to run for subsequent offices. For example, if you were to run for President and not be elected, you would still be eligible to run for NVPCM or any other offices still up for grabs without having to express that intent in advance.

Look for these changes in Section 4 of the Legislative Council Policy Manual for details.

Updated: National Office Operation. The National Executive Committee updated their operations policy manual to refine their directions for submitting information. Look for these changes in the National Office Operation Policy.

Updated: National Scholarship Details. The National Executive Committee approved a set of clarifications to the NSMC roles, responsibilities, and timeline. Look for these changes in the National Scholarship Management Policy Manual.

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